Tuesday, August 28, 2007

More Denver Adventures

On Thursday night, John & Charlotte treated us to a delicious dinner of grilled seafood & excellent wine. The night was topped off by Charlotte's famous limoncello. I think Nick & I are hooked!

On Friday, we took the crew to the Denver zoo. What a great park. While Greta was struggling to fall asleep, Nina spoiled Ella with several carousel rides. By the end of his first ride, Charlie acted like he would enjoy riding on an animal. But, he changed his mind as soon as the ride started.
Ella's favorite animals were the hyena & the polar bear (more pictures to follow).

After the zoo, Nina & Charlotte headed home with the kids while Nick & I met Mike & Lainie for lunch. Mike is Nick's friend from childhood (birth?). Lainie & I met in a wine tasting class in Salt Lake City 11 years ago. I was clerking out here for the summer & needed to meet some friends. She was working on her master's at the University of Utah. She was a lifesaver for me & I stayed with her when looking for apartments before moving across country. She & Mike met at our wedding shower & were married about 2 years later. They are always fun to be around & it was great to see how happy they are together.

Mike & Nick's fraternity brother got married on Friday night in Denver. We had a great time at the wedding & appreciate Nina & Charlotte (& Grandpa Phil & John) watching the kids. Much like Nick, our suggestion that they skip going out to dinner with the kids was ignored. Despite a Greta meltdown at dinner, they had a ball with the kids.
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