Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Typical Weekday Evening

6:00 Charlie & Greta start eating dinner.

6:02 Greta declares she is "all done" and starts playing peek-a-boo with hands covered in food.

We release the twins & comment about how much food Charlie is wearing. Hogan immediately jumps into the highchair to salvage any leftovers.
We eat & hear about Ella's day while Charlie & Greta roam around and generally show off for us.

7:00 We flip a coin for bath v. kitchen clean-up

7:30 babies get a book (Charlie likes this more than Greta) & off to bed.
Hogan & Ella play in the front yard.
8:00 Ella starts winding down for the night.
I blog, do laundry, get everything ready for the following day, make sure nothing has popped up at work & try to get on the treadmill.
10:00 If Nick hasn't come downstairs, I wake him up after he has fallen asleep in Ella's room
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