Monday, September 17, 2007

Finger Lickin' Good

Jessica had "dutch oven day' at work last week. They treated employees to ribs & apple cobbler prepared in a dutch oven. She wisely recognized that Kevin & Nick would ooh & aah over the coal-cooked meat dish. Kevin came over on Sunday to try the new recipe in Nick's well-seasoned dutch oven. Nick was in charge of taking a photo of the cooked dish. Alas, he was too distracted by the sweet, sweet aroma & forgot to take the photo.
Jessica was studying & came over with the boys just at the ribs were finished cooking. Kevin set up a little charcoal grill on our back patio & had a bowl of BBQ sauce & other goodies on the shelf of the gas grill by our house. The boys were all outside happily enjoying a beautiful fall evening. As I was finishing up the salad, I looked outside & saw Buster with his front two paws on a step & his head stretched as far as possible so that his tongue could reach the tangy BBQ sauce Kevin left out. You can see the specks of orange on Buster's nose in the top photo (it blends with his coat). Hogan, who was standing behind Buster, was covered in the back splash from Buster's messy licking. Surprisingly, Tucker's white coat stayed pristine.

Jessica (already covered in mangoes courtesy of Greta) went outside to pull Buster away from the goodies. Buster got sauce in his eyes, so he rubbed his head against her pants. Kevin gave Busty a good scolding. Doesn't he look remorseful?

The remaining sauce was obviously thrown out. But, the ribs were still delicious. While we were cleaning up the kitchen, we noticed that Buster had climbed up into our railroad tie terrace & was licking the pot. The picture is what the pot looked like AFTER cooking & BEFORE it was cleaned. Nothing a little high temperature sterilization won't cure. Buster was one happy (though still hungry) dog.
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