Sunday, September 30, 2007

Flying Dragons

The weekend flew by in whirlwind. Sunday, Nick's friend from childhood, Mike, came by with his son Bevin. Bevin is 16 months younger than Ella & measurably taller. The kids had fun running around & trying on costumes. Bevin lives in Phoenix, so yesterday's snow was quite exciting.

The weather warmed up enough to do a photo shoot with my friend Kari & her twins at Wheeler Farm. I think we were both surprised at how difficult it was to get the boys to focus & smile! I'm still editing the photos, but hope we got a few good ones. Hayden was especially distracted by the ducks. In fact, I think it would be easier to train a duck to take a photo than to convince Hayden to look at me!

It's hard to believe it's October. I am ready for fall (but not for winter) & can't wait for all of the fun fall harvest activities that are planned for October. I found a pumpkin risotto recipe today. I don't usually like pumpkin, but it sounds so good that I have to try it.
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