Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Wait for me!

Charlie has been trying hard to keep up with his sisters! If he is in a good mood, he will hold (both) hands & walk. If you only offer one hand, he throws himself to the ground in despair. He loves walking behind something that he pushes. They have mini-shopping carts at school that he loves to push around when we arrive in the morning. Hopefully he will keep trying. Greta now likes to walk in & out of the school (with the exception of the stairs). It's funny to watch.
Ella & I went to her school picnic tonight. I was so happy that it warmed up enough for the kids to have fun. There was a beautiful harvest moon on the way home. Ella & Noah monopolized the swings for most of the evening.
Ella had another good day until it was time to leave the park. But, leaving the park is never fun for a kid.
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