Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Another Good Day

It really makes all the difference in the world when she has a happy morning. Lots of praise and thanks for being so good. She seemed happy with that. She was happy to share about Johnny Appleseed. A bit of his message appeared to have been jumbled. She understood he planted apple trees, but she also asked whether he was God. I'm not really sure how the confusion arose. It sounds like they watched a video and he had a long beard.

Tomorrow night Ella & I are attending her school potluck picnic. The weather should be a bit warmer than today (it was cold!). The twins have been tired, so Nick will take them home to eat & snuggle under their covers. Greta has quite the amazing appetite. Nick said she is a pound heavier than Charlie now. He just isn't as interested in eating, although he gets very excited about ravioli & bananas. We need a banana tree in our backyard. We always buy enough milk to last until the next grocery visit, but we make mid-week runs to the store for more bananas. When Charlie gets really excited, it sounds like he is saying 'banana.'
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