Monday, September 24, 2007

What Happened To Fall?

the first hint of fall color

the twins love Ella's hair & it gets pulled often during playtime

Though fall hasn't really arrived, we had our first mountain snow last night. Some of the ski resorts reported 6 inches, but we just got cold rain at our house. As we were driving to school Ella asked "How can that possibly be? It isn't even Christmas." I agree. I love a good Indian Summer & hope the temperatures warm up a bit this week. On the other hand, the dogs were in heaven on their walk on Sunday. After 2 miles, the old men were ready to play some more.

I am diligently working with Ella to have happy mornings & greet her teachers with a smile ("But Mom, Miss Lorraine still smiles at me if I don't say good morning."). It's so draining to listen to her whine. I think it's time to find a new parenting book. We have tried ignoring her comments and alternatively acknowledging her good, or helpful, behavior without avail. Some mornings it can be tough to find a behavior to reward (I have mastered making "thanks for going to the bathroom Ella" sound sincere). But, today was a good day & that kept me happy until work really bogged me down. Here's hoping that tomorrow is another good morning. I need the positive energy to help me through the work day.
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