Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Baby Steps

Charlie & Greta love to mimic our behavior. When Ella & I brush our hair in the morning, they want to join in. Greta looks so proud that we don't tell her she doesn't have any hair.

It's been a great week. Ella had a {mostly} good weekend. She has had 2 fabulous mornings & evenings - laughing & giggling more than she has in a while. She is such a good big sister. When the twins are upset, she helps to calm them by finding a cozy blanket for them to snuggle with. I asked her what we are going to do when Greta & Charlie ask for a little brother or sister. She looked and me and paused and then said "Sorry, no more babies."

Tonight, we had a big celebration. Charlie started walking. Lucky boy - not only does he have Mom, Dad & Ella cheering for him, but Greta joins in too. She is genuinely excited for him. The only problem is that she wants to help him like the rest of us by giving him her hand to hold. They inevitably fall over & start laughing which causes Hogan to want to join in with the fun. Now, I just need to find the video camera again.
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