Saturday, October 20, 2007

Buzzing with Pride

Ella has been so good this week. Nick & I are trying to help talk her through situations that might otherwise lead to meltdowns. To reward her good behavior, we planned to go to Garden After Dark tonight. She LOVES this annual event. Unfortunately, our streak of bad weekend weather continued with more rain, snow and hail today. I was so surprised to realize that our trees had lost all of their leaves. It just didn't seem like it would be a good night - especially for the twins.

In the end, Ella bagged her costume, dressed warmly & dryly and had a fantastic time. I stayed home with the twins while she & Nick explored the Garden. Nick didn't want to take the camera, so I snapped a photo of our little bee when she got home.
They ran into Ross & Cecilia (Ella's godfather) & Marcus (Nick's godson), so it was an even better night. Ella said she didn't get cold & liked the maze the best. Apparently last night (when the weather was gorgeous), they had record numbers attending, but tonight there were no lines. I was happy to hear that Ella was warm enough to have a great time. If the weather is nice when we get back from Indiana, we'll try to go one more time.
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