Thursday, October 18, 2007

Sweater Day

Despite these deceptively fall-like photos, we had our third snow of the season last night. Doesn't Charlie look very Lindsay Lohan with his peace sign? After freezing in my office yesterday, today was the first day I wore a sweater to work. Hogan & Ella were ready for the snow. Ella put on a sweater, hat, scarf, non-matching gloves & her rain coat (she doesn't believe me that her winter coat will keep her dry) this morning. Hogan just wanted to play in the snow & looked very annoyed when I made him come inside. Charlie took his socks & shoes off & Greta complained about wearing a hat. I guess my hope for a few more warm days are quickly passing by.

I am desperately trying to wrap up projects at work so that I can have some downtime before Jessica & I take the crew back to Indiana next week. Tomorrow is supposed to be my last day through January, but with every completed project, more projects seem to pop up. Ella has been especially good all week - singing lots of Halloween songs, looking forward to seeing her grandparents & very excited for Halloween.
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