Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Ella LOVES birthdays. She was so excited to help me make chili for Nick's birthday. She did all the pouring and stirring with lots of love. She picked out the wrapping paper, found scissors & tape to wrap his present, not once, but twice. First, she used wrapping paper. Then, she used tissue paper & then she found a birthday gift bag. Ella made me promise not tell Nick what his present is. When Nick got home last night after a meeting, he had already discarded the tissue paper & brought his gift downstairs. I had to remind him that 1) it was not his birthday and 2) Ella would be greatly disappointed if she didn't get to see him open the gift. He leaves for work before the kids get up & Ella wanted to take the present to him. I think Nick would have liked that.

Here's to a great birthday!

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