Thursday, October 11, 2007

Our Little Night Owl

Greta has taken to waking up at 3 am every night. She'll scream incessantly until she hears us get out of bed. We can't figure out why she is waking up. She should be old enough to soothe herself and go back to sleep, but we can't let her scream forever. Last night she woke up Ella. I tried changing her diaper, giving her milk and rocking her to sleep. Each one would keep her quiet for about 15 minutes. Not surprisingly, her teachers said she was ornery today. Her friend Lauren really liked Greta's pink frilly shirt & kept touching it much to Greta's annoyance.

The twins got tired early tonight, so I asked them if they wanted to take a bath. Greta smiled, said her equivalent of "bath" and started sprinting toward the bathroom. Charlie also made a sound smiler to "bath" and took my hand to walk to the bathroom. The twins were standing by the tub when I started the bath water. I was reaching across the tub for the baby shampoo when I heard a thud & looked down to see Charlie in the tub (fully clothed). He wasn't hurt, just scared. His poor little heart was beating so fast when I picked him up. But, he was ready to climb back in the tub again and was not happy that I made him take his clothes off first. I'm glad I was in the room and that Ella is very good about closing the bathroom door behind her. That's not a stunt we want him to try again (though I am sure he will).
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