Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Pirates & Pumpkins

Hope & Ella trying to shill pumpkins for $50 each. No takers.
Ella & Aidan
Le train

"I'm King of the world"

Hope Sandwich

The spooky tour guide

Miles & Hope

I tagged along with Ella's first field trip this week. Despite a chilly morning, it warmed up to a beautiful day. The kids went to a "pumpkin patch" which in desert speak is a nursery (i.e, no garden on the premises). A little different than growing up in Indiana. The kids didn't seem to notice the lack of vines. The nursery had a clever idea - they actually have tours for schools despite being a fairly small facility. They had a model train set up & the kids loved singing the Little Red Caboose song. Then, we all went into a teepee & heard Halloween stories. The piece-de-resistance was a pirate ship that the store bought on ebay. The kids loved having a scavenger hunt & climbing all over the ship. They had a gorgeous collection of unusual pumpkins (green, white, great shapes, etc.) The kids got to pick a little sugar pumpkin to take back to school with them.

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