Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Train in Vain

The twins are loving Ella's old train. Unfortunately, we can't get the train's battery to work, so Charlie & Ella take turns pushing. Ella took a break after pushing Charlie tonight & he sat on the train for a few minutes & then got off & started pushing it around the track himself. I love how Charlie uses his little toes to try to hold on to Greta.

Nick left for Boston this morning. Since his flight was at 9, he was able to take the twins to school. It's amazing how much easier the morning is when he is around. Ella & I were easily ready 45 minutes earlier than usual. It also helped that today was field trip day & Ella was super excited to go to a "pumpkin patch" (i.e., a nursery that has a pretty cool Halloween set-up). Despite a chilly morning, it was a beautiful day.
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