Friday, November 02, 2007

Ella's Halloween Celebration

Kari sent me some cute pictures from Ella's party at school. You can't see in these photos, but Ella put fairy wings on her princess outfit. It's always fun to get a little sneak peek into her day. Otherwise, I never would have known they were in the gym for a celebration. And, Ella told me that Miss Ruby didn't wear a costume. However, I am pretty sure she doesn't usually carry a parasol.

Today is my first day at home. Nick left for South Dakota last night. At about 11, both twins started throwing up. It was not easy holding both of them while doing laundry to ensure I had enough blankets for them throughout the night. I ended up putting both of them on their floor & lying next to them until about 3:30. Then, they both felt well enough to sleep until 7. They got baths & seemed happier, but still won't eat. They are drinking fluids & sleeping like crazy today. I kept Ella home in case it was a bug. Hopefully this weekend will be less eventful!
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