Friday, November 02, 2007

Backyard Adventure

The twins slept a lot today & really didn't have much of an appetite. It was gorgeous. So, this afternoon Ella rode her bike, I pushed the babies in the stroller & Hogan tagged along as we walked around our neighborhood. At least we walked on our street. The neighborhood is way too hilly for a beginning biker (or her mother). We then went into the backyard where the twins could run around. Greta was moving way too fast (& had too much of a runny nose) to catch a good photo. She LOVED collecting acorns. They are Hogan's favorite little treat, so he was following her around all afternoon.

Charlie did a great job walking in the "woods."

I packed up all of our Halloween decorations. With the twins busy hands, our house looked more cluttered than decorated. I am keeping it simple for fall. Ella is helping me create a pinecone display in a glass jar - inspired by this REAL SIMPLE cover photo:

My jar is much bigger, so we will see what the final result looks like. Ella took her role very seriously. She looked like she was on an Easter Egg hunt. She really scoured our backyard.

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