Sunday, November 04, 2007


Ella has been having fun making her list of Thanks this month. Today she said she was thankful that Dad was out of town. I was sure that wasn't what she meant so I asked her to explain. She said she thought Dad was probably having a lot of fun.

I am EXTREMELY grateful for Jessica. She came over to babysit so that I could join the runners this morning. We ran 8 miles. I wasn't fast, but it was really good motivation knowing that Jessica had a lot to do today for school. I scurried along as fast as I could. Now, I just need to keep stretching so that I can walk tomorrow.

I think Nick is making sure I appreciate him. Since he's been gone, the twins had the night of double dose sickness, our phone and Internet service has been interrupted, the refrigerator stopped working and I had to arrange a babysitter for this morning. Needless to say, his absence is greatly noticed! I can't even figure out how to move the refrigerator away from the wall to unplug it.

It's a beautiful day here. The kids all have runny noses and don't seem to be feeling 100%, but if their spirits are up, we may try to go to the park later today.
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