Thursday, November 22, 2007

Good Eats!

Despite realizing this morning that his digital thermometer was broken, Nick made a beautiful turkey and his mother's legendary cornbread dressing.

Jessica & Kevin made savory mashed sweet & red potatoes and a green salad. Kevin & Nick enjoyed some Strawberry Lambic from our recent trip to Bloomington.

Ella was thankful for all this new food to try & ate "what everyone else was eating" including turkey, dressing, potatoes, green beans & a taste of cranberries (such a momentous occasion, Dad took a picture).

The tower of treats - I made pumpkin square, apple caramel pie & a pumpkin cheesecake (and green beans, 2 cranberries, gravy & rolls & I just realized I forgot to make the butternut squash). We were all so full, that we didn't make Grandpa Powell's yummy grand mariner whipped cream.

The twins slept through the big meal, but Greta tried some turkey when she woke up. Much to Hogan, Tucker & Buster's dismay, I am trying to make soup from our leftover bird. Once we are tired of turkey sandwiches, I get to make my favorite recipe with leftover turkey - it just doesn't taste as good with chicken.
Jessica & I did a 6K this morning. About 10 minutes into the run, my muscles were not happy & I was seriously scared about running 13 miles next weekend. I was pretty happy with my finish & rode the adrenaline rush of passing a 70 year old power walker (at the finish line) until the tryptophan kicked in.
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