Friday, November 23, 2007

Queen For A Day

It wouldn't be a family get-together without a little teasing from your favorite uncle. Kevin was the recipient of all of Charlie's dirty looks for this trick. The worst ones came before the camera came out - we have no idea where he learned to scowl like he does.

Now here is a little lady much more comfortable being Queen.

Last week, Ella & I went through a magazine & she picked out several art projects to work on in December. Jessica & Kevin met us {dark &} early to hit a craft store sale (Jessica & Kevin had already been to 3 stores, so it wasn't that early). Ella stayed up late with Dad last night & had a tough time getting up this morning. We compromised with her wearing her PJ's & bringing her blanket. I told her if she was good, she could pick out a treat at the store. Her response? "Mom, I can't be good when I am this tired." Luckily, Uncle K chauffeured Ella & Hogan to his house to watch a movie instead. The twins loved the stimulation in the store & all went well until Greta made a double sacrificial offering to the sock Gods. Luckily, I had time to retrace our steps while Jessica waited in line & found the two missing socks.

After a nice breakfast with Jessica & Kevin, we headed home. After Ella got dressed, we picked up some library books & videos for our trip to Las Vegas next week. We are keeping our fingers crossed that Nick can leave early today.
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