Friday, November 09, 2007

The Precocious Miss Ella

I was explaining to Nick last night that Ella's "thankful" list seems to be prompted by whatever we were talking about at the moment. Yesterday, I asked her for her item when we were on the way to school - we had just listened to her CD & I had just gotten her milk. So, today I tried to be less prompting. She got stuck so I gave her some suggestions - her siblings, Hogan, her parents, the beautiful day which means extra playground time. She wasn't biting. Instead, she said she was glad the refrigerator wasn't really broken ("You were just joking Mom!"). Let's just say applicance housecall fees aren't very funny.

I really didn't want to blog about how we (I) didn't realize there was an off switch in the freezer that we didn't know about. But, Ella's list necessitated an explanation. To my credit, I looked online & they said there is an off switch in the refrigerator portion. I moved that knob around, but never saw the switch (because there wasn't one). I followed all of the suggestions about making sure the air vents were unobstructed & nothing changed. I didn't realize the freezer wasn't working until several days after the refrigerator warmed, so I didn't think to check the temperature dial in the freezer. You would think the FAQ section of the manufacturer's website would tell you that the freezer has an off switch that affects the refrigerator portion as well.
This is all too reminiscent of my first apartment in Salt Lake City. Mom & Jessica came out for Thanksgiving & I noticed my oven didn't work. So, I called the apartment manager. When I got back from work, there was a note that my oven wasn't plugged in. I thought that was my one experience with stupid appliance service calls. I guess not.
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