Saturday, December 29, 2007

Bon Voyage Nina!

We were spoiled with a long visit from Mom & Phil this year. Ella had lots of tears when it was finally time to say goodbye. Jessica had talked to Ella about all of the fun things that we will be doing over the next few months. Mom & Phil will be busy traveling on at least 2 other trips before we see them again. I think Phil was able to deal with the cold & snow here knowing that he will soon be sitting on a beach, eating conch & sipping a margarita or two. With swim lessons (& hopefully ski lessons), school, valentine's day & her birthday to look forward to, Ella felt a little better. She would be thrilled if Nina & Grandpa moved in permanently.

In our Christmas tradition, Jessica, Mom & I were able to do a little shopping together. Mom had never been to IKEA & despite the fact that her design style is more cozy antiques than the modern Swedish style, she enjoyed the experience. Though, we did think it was funny that she was expecting a quaint boutique rather than the massive box store that it is. We were disappointed in the post-Christmas sales this year, but still had fun finding inspiration & picking up some clothing bargains for Greta & Ella.

I felt like a Grinch this year. Our tree was so dry & sad that we took it down on Thursday. In addition to losing an amazing amount of needles, it looked funny since the twins had taken all of the ornaments off the bottom of the tree. The ornaments didn't start until nearly 3 feet off the floor.

I think we are all ready for a fresh beginning of a new year. I did so many activities with Ella this month that I am tired & having trouble meeting her expectations! We've been talking to Ella about what goals she would like to set for herself this year. We think she understands the concept, but we will see on Tuesday when she tells us what she has picked. Nick read an article about selecting 12 goals for the year, so I have some thinking & prioritizing to do!
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