Sunday, December 30, 2007

Ice Skating Party

We were extremely lucky to fall into the daycare that we found for Ella. We were told that we would have a spot at one facility. I called about a month before Ella was born to confirm her spot & they had lost our application and we were told that whoever guaranteed our spot was mistaken. Most daycare facilities have a 6 month to a year wait list for infants so to say this caused me panic was an understatement! On Valentine's Day 2003, we happened to drive past a church that had a daycare sign, so Nick & I went in, met everyone & immediately put down a deposit. We had no idea that the infants Ella met her first few months would still be friends 5 years later. The kids have started to disperse to other schools, but everyone got together last week to celebrate Hope's 5th birthday before she moves to Alaska.

I felt like a neglectful mother! Ella was the only child who couldn't skate by herself. To make things worse, as soon as I got on the ice, my feet felt like they did at the end of the half-marathon. Ella has also grown a lot since last February, so keeping her upright was more difficult than I anticipated. I was very happy when Jessica showed up & agreed to put on skates for a bit. Hope's Grandmother was also a huge help. If we can fit it in our schedule, I am going to sign up Ella for some lessons so that she can be more independent at her next party.
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