Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Freakishly Strong

This weekend, we completed a half marathon with some friends. Considering that 12 weeks ago I couldn't run a mile, I was very happy with my finish & with the fact that we ran almost the entire course. I never would have tried to reach this goal without all the wonderful women in these photos - the group effort really made a difference on weekend runs. My knees & ankles gave out toward the end & the hardest part was walking back to our hotel room (everything in Las Vegas is deceivingly far away). Much thanks also to my friend Monica who was so thoughtful to call with good wishes before the race.
The race was "fun." An Elvis impersonator sang the Star-Spangled Banner to start the race & we had a great little fireworks display at the start. There was a run-through chapel along the way where some participants really got married. There were a few running Elvi & a beer stop along the way. We saw Mystere the night before the race which was amazing. Grandma & Grandpa watched Greta & Charlie while Nick & Ella met me at the finish line. My knees have stopped hurting, but I think I will take another day or so off before I try to run again. The competition is addicting & I hope to run another one this spring.
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