Monday, December 24, 2007

Here Comes Santa Claws

I have a backlog of photos to post from this week! Here we go:

Nick & Kevin opened their ski season at Park City Mountain Resort on Monday. Phil went along for the scenery. I made the mistake of grabbing just two little things from the grocery store. It was depressing to see the crowds & the workers taking down the Christmas decorations. Mom held down the fort at home while I grabbed enough milk to tide us over the holidays.

On Christmas Eve, we flew in live lobster for dinner. The crustaceans were in the backyard (in a box) until the grill was ready (& the twins were asleep). Since we were expecting a big snowstorm, Jessica & Kevin came prepared to spend the night (just in case) which meant Tucker & Buster were prancing around the backyard. Nick looked up just in time to save someone's dinner (CLICK HERE for Kevin egging on Tucker).

The dinner was a special treat that brought back fond summer memories of year's of enjoying fresh lobster in Montauk. Ella wouldn't try any this year. It was such a rite of passage once the kids started eating lobster (although a few of the cousins still abstain). It was such a hit, it may be a yearly tradition.

After dinner, Nick helped Ella sprinkle her reindeer dust while Grandpa oversaw the cookie offering to Santa. Ella showered Nick & I with kisses all Monday & she told us she wanted to go to bed right after the twins to make sure Santa didn't miss our house. Luckily, she takes after Dad & slept through the night.

Our little angel strategically placed the cookie close to the fireplace & away from Hogan.

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