Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Ella's Room

Ella's room has been very messy lately. Books, clothes, toys are everywhere. It drives me crazy that her room always looks so cluttered. If it gets cleaned, it is a matters of hours before the twins & Ella make a mess again. She is so good about clean up at school but complains that she doesn't have space for anything at home. So, in anticipation of her resolution, we got to work:

(and this really isn't that bad)

It was very cute that Charlie & Greta wanted to help. They grabbed dust cloths & wiped down the walls.

Ella has been in her bed long enough that we aren't concerned about her falling out of bed, so we were able to move her bed away from the wall. I finally conceded that it was time to take some of the furniture out of her room. We transferred some board books to the twins, packed up some old toys, threw away the junk she had accumulated & found a home for everything. She was very proud of her no-cost makeover:

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When Nick got home, she showed him where everything goes. I was so happy that she actually paid attention! She told me her stuffed animal area looked a little messy still, but that she was OK with that. It's been 2 days & she's done a great job of picking up clothes & toys each night. It's tough being the big sister of twin toddlers - they are the most frequent reason that her room gets messy.

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