Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Happy Birthday Nina!

Mom is at conference for work. When I asked what her plans were for the evening, she said they were going to have some appetizers & watch a movie on TB. While she might not be living it up today, at least she'll be relaxing in Palm Springs by the weekend.

Charlie & Greta seem to be settling into their new routine. They are definitely at the age where they welcome structured activity away from me. I was talking to my friend Kari who has twins the same age & we were commenting how much more physical our kids are compared with other children their age. Charlie & Greta are used to being physical with each other (& Ella). You don't think about this until you see them interacting with other children. The ladies at daycare said Charlie is starting to be more agressive with the kids. I guess a boy can only be pushed around by his sisters for so long before he strikes back.

Ella finished up her skating lessons this week. I think we are going to take a break this session. Too much going on right now. She'll continue with ballet & swimming.

Greta is starting to grow some hair! We are fairly confident that she'll get a haircut in 2008. She was a little stinker tonight - hiding from the camera & saying "cheese" but refusing to look at me. At one point, I put the camera on the table to go help Charlie. Nick found Greta carrying the camera down the hall calling for me.
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