Sunday, February 03, 2008


Miss Greta is officially a toddler. Her current favorite word is "why?" I don't remember Ella saying it this young. Greta must be mimicking Ella. We aren't even sure if she knows what she is saying. But, as soon as we say something, she chirps in & asks why.

We didn't get as much snow as they predicted this weekend. Today was fairly cold & we'll see how much accumulation we get overnight. Ella & Nick went skiing today, but the day was cut short because they closed the canyons early. Nick said Ella did really well & will be moving on to the next level in her next lesson. She went to her lesson with her friend Emmy which made all the difference. It was a cold & windy day, but the girls still had their smiles on when they came home. Nick took some video, so I'll try to get it posted later this week.

My first day of work was pretty uneventful. It's not the day to day being in the office that is tough. It's the stress that comes in a few weeks with billing & deadlines. But, we are staying positive that we'll be able to make the new arrangement work. The kids did OK in daycare. Charlie cried a lot when I dropped them off, but they weren't crying at pickup. Charlie was sitting in a chair having a snack & Greta had walked over to talk to him. They both saw me & got huge smiles on their face.
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