Monday, February 04, 2008

Piles O' Snow

We got a little more snow today. Hogan loves it. I am ready for a little sun so the snow will melt a little & then it can snow some more. When I use the snowblower, the snow just tumbles down the side of the huge mounds. We might have to attach a beacon to Hogan I'm afraid he might get caught in an avalanche in the driveway. Hogan & I almost got stuck coming home this morning. Our street hadn't been plowed. The street is really narrow because of the mounds of snow on either side of the road. I had to pull over to let someone by & then got stuck. We backed up quite a bit & got out of it. At least I didn't have the twins with me - Hogan & I could have walked home without too much trouble.

The twins had another day at school today. Greta was OK with me leaving, but Charlie was not happy. I ended up doing some work from home & helping Nick with some projects. I think I am going to have at least 1-2 days working from home which wasn't what I expected. But, it helps more than I imagined to be home versus the office. While my day is shorter (because I drive to & from the house twice), I accomplished a lot today. Tomorrow, it's back to the office.

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