Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Best Laid Plans

This was going to be my week to catch up on photos, blogs & get the house ready for Mom & Charlotte. I started to feel crummy on Tuesday night. Last night, I was miserable. I took the twins with me to the doctor this morning & confirmed that I have strep for the fourth time since the twins were born. So, I lost a day at work & home while I slept through the illness. I am slowly starting to feel better - just in time to realize how much I have to do before we leave town (including directions to the instacare in case Ella comes down with a sore throat).

Greta was funny at the doctor's office. She was running in the lobby & fell & rubbed her hands on the carpet. She came over & held them out for me to kiss. Then, she turned around, took a step, kneeled on the ground & purposely hit her hands on the floor. She scurried back again for me to kiss them. They did pretty well despite being strapped in their stroller for quite a while this morning.

Ella is posing in this picture for my photo class. I am still learning how to properly expose my photos, but with the snow melting & spring (hopefully) near, the kids will be wanting to spend time outdoors & I'll get lots of practice.

We are excited that we booked our flights to New York in July for my cousin Caroline's wedding. It will be the first time that most of my Dad's family has met the twins. I am hoping to take the kids back to Indiana in August which will officially be the last time one of the twins will fly for free (we bought a ticket for Greta to New York - the other passengers on the flight will be very happy).

And finally, it's a week of birthdays for everyone:

Happy Birthday to:
Aunt Caroline
Grandpa Phil
Grandma Powell
Aunt Liz
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