Monday, March 10, 2008


It was tough getting everyone up this morning. No one likes the spring time change. Ella got up around 7, but the next thing I new, she was back in bed, lights off, with her door closed. Let's hope tomorrow is better!
Ella's school was closed again today. We met up with two friends in Park City for some tubing. It's been on my list of things to do with Ella. I kept wondering if she was old enough - but the minimum age is three, so we could have done this earlier! She wanted my help on the first rope tow & run. We went down the hill together (we held each's others tubes). It was fun to be so close to her expression on that (fast) ride. She had the biggest smile on her face. After the first run, the other Mom (Kim) & I were running to keep up with the kids. We both said that we felt like we dropped them off at the mall. They were independent kids.
I didn't take the photo tubing, so hopefully Kim got some fun shots. It was so sunny, it was impossible to see through the viewfinder. Even with suncreen, I got a little color. We were happy we grabbed whatever sunglasses we could find for the kids. They got lots of smiles (even if they didn't appreciate why!)
I feel like I've been photo-neglecting the twins. Jessica & Kevin helped me take them to the park yesterday, but I didn't get any photos. They were loving the slide! Tonight Nick got some photos that I'll post later this week. It's getting late, the food blog will have to wait another day. Nick's been getting spoiled. He was disappointed that we have only one more new recipe to try this week. I say it's time for him to start looking through the cookbooks/recipe collections & making the grocery lists. It takes time!
PS - I'm taking another photography class & hoping to ease off automatic settings on my camera. I'm very proud the two photos were shot in manual & not adjusted in photoshop.
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