Monday, March 24, 2008

The Hunt

Ella was most upset Sunday morning when she saw the Easter Bunny hadn't hidden eggs in the front yard. We explained that it was much too cold for rabbits this year. So, she dutifully stayed in her room while Mom hid eggs in the front yard. Greta & Charlie watched, but it didn't seem to help their strategy. When Dad & Grandpa Phil returned from the bagel run, the hunt started. It was COLD!

Ella's eggs were hidden while Charlie & Greta's were just on the lawn. They didn't quite understand the sport. They saw "balls" on the lawn & happily threw their eggs instead of putting them in their bags. Ella had to search high & low for her eggs. Grandpa Phil played with Hogan who was very excited about all the activity in the front yard.

After 15 minutes, everyone was ready to warm up & look for their baskets. Ella was THRILLED that the Easter Bunny brought flip flops. She wore them all day, tripping all over the place. She was disappointed that she isn't allowed to wear them to school & is counting the days until the outdoor pools open.

It warmed up yesterday afternoon & all day today. Our snow is almost gone!

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