Wednesday, March 19, 2008

More Outtakes

Nick was in charge of getting the photo for his mother's birthday gift. He made several valiant attempts. These are some of the cute ones that weren't quite the shot we were looking for.
We are having a ball in Arizona & it sounds like Jessica & Kevin are enjoying their stay at the Ritz in Jamaica (as if there was any doubt about that). Nick ate lotus root yesterday. He was hungry & it was on his plate. It tastes like a combination between a carrot & a yam. It supposed to be good for you. Yesterday, Nick golfed, I did some exercises classes & enjoyed the spa. My first class was an aerobics/weights class. The average age of class had to be pushing 70. I felt like the most out of shape person in the class. Those ladies could move. Very impressive. The class is designed to make you think (to ward off Alzheimer's). Great idea for a class. Plus, I haven't worked out to the dance mix of "Like a Prayer" and "Time After Time" in decades.
On the way to lunch, I saw a Javelina on the golf course. I took a photo with my camera, but I'm not very good with the phone. There are hundreds of saguaro cacti around us - it's really different & beautiful topography.
I had a massage & finished my book club selection for the month. This month was a good one. I also read the Great Gatsby. I haven't read that since high school. I had forgotten a lot of the story & also how unlikeable most of the characters are. It was interesting to read the book 20 years later. The characters in the Great Gatsby appear in the Double Bind, so I'm glad I had the time to read that book first.
Today, it's back to the spa to read until this afternoon when I go horseback riding. Jessica & Kevin are also doing that today, so we can compare stories when we return.
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