Monday, March 17, 2008

Trial & Error

We made several unsuccessful attempts to get a cute photo of all three kids for Grandma Powell's birthday. Can you tell what we did in the first photo to upset Charlie? Some nights, it just doesn't work.
From all accounts, Mom & Charlotte are doing well. They know how to watch Greta & pull her off whatever she has climbed up. They have seen the dirty looks Charlie gives you when you won't let him eat applesauce 24/7 & they have charmed Ella with nailpolish & crazy St. Patrick's Day accessories.
My only regret on our vacation was not discovering the spa sooner. Tomorrow, I am planning on attending two gym classes while Nick is at meetings. Then, I am going to read my Book Club book (The Double Bind) poolside while I wait for my massage appointment. Nick is golfing tomorrow & Wednesday. It's tough to be a spouse at these company meetings, but I am doing what I can to hang in there.
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Monica said...

Lucky you! Sounds wonderful, enjoy this time for yourself, it is all too rare these days!
Charlie is hilarious.