Friday, March 28, 2008

So Tempting!

Guess how old she is?

By all accounts, Ella had a great 5th birthday. She had a field trip at school & played outside almost all day. That the weather cooperated is a great gift. On her first birthday, we had snow. Birthdays two through four ranged from pretty good to amazing weather. This year, I am glad we aren't having her party outside. The weather seems to change day to day.

Nick picked up Ella early so they could go to the library to pick out a movie. She choose a Clifford movie which she found very funny. She also enjoyed making analogies with Hogan (I don't think I would like to kiss Hogan on the nose every morning. If Hogan decided to swim to the mainland without telling me, I would be very sad). They also did the cupcake run:

Don't they look gorgeous? I need to learn how to make icing look like this. We have two new cupcake shops in Salt Lake City. These were from So Cupcake. I'm still not convinced its a viable business, but we did our part to 'buy local' today. Maybe for Uncle K's birthday in May we'll try the other store. So far, our favorite flavor is Hanky Panky Red Velvet.

Just a little fun with depth of field.

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