Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Life Got Busy

I'm backlogged on recipes & photos to post. I actually uploaded the photos from Ella's party this weekend, but forgot to save the post before I left for work. After walking nearly 8 miles with Jessica on Saturday, I started to feel crummy. After Ella's party, I went to Instacare & confirmed I had strep again. Nick found a 24 hour pharmacy & filled my prescription about 11 at night. Sunday came & went quickly & work has been very busy this week. Lots of late nights.
The food has been good this week, I'll post Mon/Tue recipes tonight. And, I will start catching up on our photos from the last week. Plus, Jessica & Kevin got some fun video from the birthday party that Nick will work on this weekend.
We watched the Darjeeling Limited last night. Jessica & Kevin gave it decent, but not raving reviews, so my expectations weren't too high. Wes Andersen's movies can be tough to follow. But, I really enjoyed it. Nick fell asleep, but I think that was because we started the movie after 8. I thought the acting was great, the writing was better than some of his other movies & the pace (for the most part) was good. The short prequel was weird, but made more sense as I was watching the movie.
PS - The watchdog above is cousin Tucker.

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