Thursday, April 03, 2008

The Last Official Birthday Post

Unless I find more fabulous photos, this is the last post about Ella's never-ending birthday celebrations! At least until Nick edits the video.

I got to school while they were reading Ella's leader of the day book
Stop This Birthday! courtesy of cousin Nicole was a huge hit. You can see Noah, Ella's partner in crime, providing a little birthday spotlight support.

Noah's Mom, Kari, gave me the Montessori birthday scoop:

The traditional Montessori birthday celebration is a charming and unique one. On the day of the birthday, you should bring a short, interesting biography of your child's yearly accomplishments (i.e, learned to walk, could say a few words, learned to ride a bike this year, etc.). As well, you and your child may select a photograph to represent each year of your child's life to share with the class. On the date of your child's birthday, the biography will be read and photos displayed. The Birthday child will then carry our globe of the world around the sun. The child makes a complete "orbit" for every year of their life. When the child finishes the walk, we sing "Happy Birthday" and each child shakes the Birthday child's hand in congratulations. This ceremony aids the child's developing concept of the passage of time and helps them understand the relationship between the earth and the sun. Most of all, it celebrates your child's individuality and the wonderful anniversary of their birth.

One of the teachers was taking photos, so you can't see the entire sun set up that they have, but it is a cute celebration. As soon I entered the classroom, I was assaulted with questions (during what was supposed to be quiet book reading time). Why are you here? Did you bring cupcakes? Ella's Mom, look at my tooth. Did you bring cupcakes? Are you going to take a picture of me? Um, excuse me, did you bring cupcakes ? (do you see a theme?)

Ella got to leave school early much to her delight (and Hogan's).

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