Thursday, April 17, 2008

Babes in Zooland

I joined Ella's class at the zoo today. Considering we had snow earlier this week, I expected the zoo to be quiet. Apparently, it was THE day for field trips. We saw at least 5 other schools there (including high school kids which I found odd.) Zoos really aren't the best place for photos with all the fences & such. It also didn't help that I lost one of my lens caps & I had to bring my telephoto lens. I wasn't used to being so far away from the subject. It was good practice with lighting though.

The zoo always depresses me a bit. I have to try to convince myself that the zoo rescued the big animals (in small exhibits) so that the animals are better off in the zoo. The zoo is trying to make the environment better for the animals, but there is a limit with what you can do. The kids didn't notice & were just thrilled to be able to run. Ella was very happy to have me there, so I was glad I was able to break away from work.
I think the favorite part of their day was the impromptu performance the girls put on after lunch.

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