Monday, April 21, 2008


Greta is slowly entering the baby phase. Ella embraced this phase quickly & strongly. Greta is a bit more gradual. She's starting to round up Ella's babies & take them into her room. Most days Ella will share. I remember asking Ella for nearly a year for the name of her baby - it was always "baby." Then one day, she told me the baby's name was "Felicity." When you ask Greta the name, we hear "Baby." We'll have to see what name she comes up with.

We had a fun, busy weekend. Saturday the weather was gorgeous. I met Jessica & walked 6 miles (Jessica did 7 more), then jetted off to grocery shop & put in 3 hours at Ella's school library. Nick & the kids were outside most of the day cleaning windows. They look great!
Saturday night, we went to a friends house for dinner. We were worried about the twins since they go to bed at 7. But, they were troopers. They LOVED the kids & dogs & secret kid rooms (under the staircase). Despite the fact that their absent-minded parents forgot their sippy cups (ranks up there with forgetting favorite blankets & pacis), they fell asleep fairly well. Nick set up pack-n-plays in one of the girl's rooms. We had a fun evening & Ella was in heaven watching Youtube with the older girls.

I have no idea where Sunday went. But it did!

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