Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Daddy of the Year

Nick made a serious run for Dad of the Year this weekend. He started his campaign early Saturday morning. He was off to get the snow tires off my car. When he got home, I was cleaning out the garage. He took over that project when the twins woke up while I started going through their clothes for the change of season. We enjoyed lunch outside with everyone. Then, Nick did something I thought we'd be waiting for all summer - he fixed the swing set that he shut down for repairs last year.
Ella, our little swing-a-holic was in heaven. Greta was a little unsure of the swing. Charlie sits in his car, no smile on his face & taps his chest requesting pushes. He loves the swing just like Ella does.
Nick kept busy all day Saturday fixing this, shopping for that, cooking this. It was unbelievable. I think he was happy to get so much done. When I came home from grocery shopping with Greta & he saw the flowers I bought (to replace the ones that he already planted & died in the cold weather), he said he wasn't planting them. But, I came outside to this pretty display. Since our 2 daffodils are just blooming, these pots add some really nice color to the yard.
Nick wanted to continue his momentum & got up early on Monday. He was out the door well before 6. I got a call from him about 7. Karma rewarded his good deeds over the weekend. He had been rear-ended & wasn't even at work yet. He was still in a Subaru rental car (that seems to have only suffered from the coffee Nick spilled upon impact) & we think his soreness is from all of his hard work over the weekend. The other guy wasn't hurt either, though his lotus was a bit scrunched. Just doesn't seem very fair.

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