Monday, April 28, 2008

Knitting Circle

I got to attend a knitting party this weekend. My friend Kim hosted the gathering - my friend Kari is showing off her mad skills in this pic. Kim's friend graciously donated her time to sharing her passion for knitting (this dear woman is getting lots of happy karma being sent her way this week - let's hope it sticks). She brought so many amazing yarns, books, projects and gadgets to show us. Like so many other hobbies, knitting looks like it could get addicting & expensive! I've taken a few into classes (one night only) and it's never clicked. But, Amy had us practice casting on for an hour. And, I think it helped that she recommended we start with bamboo needles.  
I showed Nick & Ella my creation when I got home. Nick laughed & asked if that was all I accomplished in 3 hours (for the record, Amy has us start our projects over for practice). Ella was thrilled & asked if I was the first one to knit (whatever that means). She thought it was very funny that I didn't know what I made. It was a fun afternoon & I hope I can make the next session so I can continue to hone my craft in time to knit everyone wool socks for Christmas. Or maybe a purple coaster.

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