Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Ella's Gardening

Ella helped trim the dead allium today. She doesn't like when flowers die. I don't blame her. But, she was excited when I told her that we would have enough daisies for her to cut some for her room. She wouldn't pose for my self portrait pic today, but she took this photo of her work.
I haven't done a very good job of recording Ella's moments lately, so here it goes:
1. She loves being a big sister (except when Greta screams in her ear).
2. She loves her Aunt & Uncle & is SO excited about their upcoming trip to San Diego.
3. She can't wait to see her cousin Selena in New York.
4. She is trying to so hard to read. In addition to bedtime, I've been trying to subtly encourage her during the day. When we were making Nick's cake she asked me how I knew what to do. I told her that I read the directions & that you can learn to do a lot of things when you know how to read. She responded "Yeah Mom. You tell me that all the time."
5. She tries to be a big girl, but still likes to be cuddled.
6. She loves swimming & can dive for her toys on the bottom of the pool. She is practicing breathing while doing freestyle & diving from the side of the pool.
7. She is very aware of what Nick & I are doing. Tonight, she had a piece of licorice off Nick's cake. She asked me if I wanted a bite & I said no thank you. Then she said "Oh yeah, you are off the sugar. You are trying to grow to be as tall as Dad."
8. She does her hair by herself every day and has been taking showers over baths for a while. But, sometimes the fun of being with her siblings means she jumps in with them.
9. She prefers to wear a dress everyday.
10. She's still Daddy's little girl & knows how to dial Dad's (& Jessie's) phone numbers.

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