Monday, June 30, 2008

Good Golly, Miss Greta (@22 months)

I can't believe it's been a month since I posted Charlie's update. Everyday when you do something new, or funny or scary, I think "I need to remember this moment, exactly how it is." Many of our memories are in our mind, though we have good intentions of writing them down. Seeing the series of pics today, I was compelled to do this post. I love how your hair is finally growing. The little blond curls like your sister, your aunt and your mamma had. The gender differences with you Charlie are starting to show. He asked about trains & cars & wheels & planes. You REALLY wanted your fingernails painted today (and tried to negotiate for Hogan to have his done too). Charlie put in his two pointer fingers & one toe - you wanted it all!
You love to wear Ella's headbands & anything that will fit in your hair. You love her beauty products & have an amazing ability to find them. You climbed into the tub to get Ella's roll-on soap. We were getting ready to leave for school & you came into the kitchen with a red face. After I washed your face & hair, you made sure Charlie had a turn getting clean too. Today, you appeared wearing all of Ella's new chapstick on your forehead. (blowing on your fingers to help them dry)
You prefer stripes to flowers on your shirts. You LOVE shoes. We bought some new shoes for Caroline's wedding today. You did not want to take them off.
When you giggle, it's the most amazing sound.
When you scream, I worry about hearing loss.
You (& charlie) are doing such a great job talking (though others don't always understand). You try to remember to say 'thank you.' You don't like your highchair anymore. When we load the car, we have to be quick - you & Charlie LOVE to climb into the front seat.
Your favorite sayings are "I coming." "I got it." You speak in sentences & have funny conversations with Charlie in the car. When I get off the phone you say "Who dat, Mommy?"
You appear to have been gifted with a keen sense of direction (which like those pretty lips, did not come from your mother). Today, on the way home from the pool, you pointed out the window and said "Ella's school." Sometimes I even have to double check which street we are on.
You are still a pretty good (though inconsistent) eater. You LOVE sweets. Popsicles & ice cream are your new favorites. You have little defined muscles & run everywhere you need to go.
This weekend, Dad was on the phone during nap time. He heard you cry a bit. He thought he heard the doors handles moving. Then, he went into your room to find you curled up next to Charlie's crib. He put you back into your crib & asked you how you got out. You showed him how you positioned your sippy cup just so. Then, you climbed on top & bent over at the waist & flipped out of the crib. No more sippy cups in bed. We're hoping you don't try again. We were planning on keeping you & Charlie in cribs until you were 4.
You love your brother & always watch out for him. Except when he is playing with something you want. On the way to school, you ask where everyone in your family is (& then tell me - she doesn't believe Uncle K has a job - he's always at home or sleeping).
We can spend 15 minutes looking for a pen in a room. You appear in a room & find anything that once worked as a writing utensil within seconds. You can climb anything.
You are doing a great job at swim lessons. You don't like people other than mom or dad holding you in the water. After 2 years of being a mamma's girl, you've dumped me for daddy. You can almost sing the entire alphabet song. You think every color is pink.
We love you very much & welcome the worry lines & gray hair that magically appear after every 'greta episode.'
ETA: Greta wakes up first & it distresses her greatly to see Charlie peacefully slumbering. So, I hear "Good morning, Charlie, good morning." She says this repeatedly until he starts to wake and then she excitedly says "It's Charlie, it's Charlie!"
I told her teacher about her crib climbing experience. Her teacher said "Oh, you don't have to tell me. But, with Greta you can't tell her 'no' - you have to explain why. She's been opening the classroom door. We had to talk to her about why we need to keep the door closed to keep our friends safe from getting hurt in the big room." She & Nick talked about why we don't climb out of cribs. She points to her bump when we talk about it. We'll see if that keeps her grounded for a bit.

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