Friday, June 27, 2008

These are the days . . .

Life got busy this week. Why is it that work is always craziest when you plan a vacation? It's been 4 months of relative calm & now that we have a vacation planned, I'm worried about leaving. I've had late nights this week. Still took some pictures, just didn't get them posted.
It sounds like Nick will need surgery for his knee. It is {tentatively?} scheduled for early August. The doctor said he will likely have more knee problems as he gets older (with or without the surgery) which is discouraging.
Ella was doing some great, deep dives at swim lessons yesterday. The twins still cried during their lessons, but are doing great. Both floated on their backs for the teachers. They are getting better at picking up rings & rockets from the steps & putting them on the side of the walls. They were thrilled that Ella's friend Emily was at the lessons & that she stayed to watch Ella's swim lesson. Greta sat down right beside Emily. Charlie kept looking at Emily & smiling. They asked about her the whole way home. I think Emily enjoyed having the attention from the little ones as well. They were equally thrilled when Asha came over to play with Ella. The twins really adore all of Ella's friends.

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