Friday, June 13, 2008

Hairy Encounters

Little Miss Greta feels left out that Ella has pretty things in her hair everyday. Yesterday, she kept returning from the bathroom & handing me little hair ties saying "More, mom." We did the best we could, but they kept falling out of her thin hair. This did not make her happy.
The twins had their first swimming lesson yesterday. It did not go that well. Charlie screamed bloody murder the entire 15 minutes. I'm worried next week will be worse as he will undoubtedly start fighting me as soon as we walk in the pool. Greta did pretty well - the occasional terrified looks toward me, but otherwise she cooperated with the teacher, kicked, floated (assisted) on her back & went under water with her a few times. I'm hoping to take the kids swimming on Sunday so they get used to being in the water again.

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