Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

Another weekend on the go. Friday night we started preparing the food for the Dinner Group we are in. Every month, a different couple hosts & provides the meat & drinks. It was our month to host & everyone else brings an assigned dish. This month, several people weren't sure if they would make it & a few canceled. So, we prepared the meat marinade, a potato dish & my no bake/no sugar strawberry pie on Friday night.
Saturday morning, we joined a big group of friends to walk in a breast cancer 5K fundraiser in honor of our friend who passed away last month. It was tough to see her husband alone & her mother & sister in the crowd. I wasn't alone fighting back the tears at the starting line. But, it was nice to reconnect with old friends. Ella had a ball & surprised us by walking the whole distance. She did better than poor Dad with his bum knee (he had to stop after about 2 miles - he should get his MRI results tomorrow). It helped that Ella had her good buddies Alec & Joe to help pass the time. Charlie & Greta were happy to stay in their stroller.
Nick got up early Sunday morning to golf with friends. He had a good time despite the fact he wasn't happy with how he played. In the 11 years I've known him, there have been less than a handful of times he has been happy with how he has played. While he was gone, Ella & I were busy. She wasn't grasping the "Dad wants a homemade gift" concept & kept throwing out ideas of things that Dad would surely like (a new computer or new ipod). I tried to explain that we don't always need new things. I'm pretty sure she rolled her eyes at me with that comment. We settled on making Dad a cake. Ella mixed all the ingredients, poured them in the pan, evened the pan out, read the box & told me how long the cake needed to bake and set the timer. While it was baking, she wanted to take a picture for the picture frame she decorated for Nick (red with a rainbow & reindeer wood ornament attached - I steered her away from the groom & wedding cake pieces). When I asked her if she was ready to take her picture, she said "Wait, I need to do my hair first." (first time hearing that comment). She wasn't happy with this photo because Greta's fingers were in her mouth. But, it was the only one where everyone is sort-of smiling & Mom's vote was overriding. While the cake cooled, Ella painted a picture for Nick. Then, she tackled the icing. My decorating skills are not very impressive, but I think you can still tell what the cake is! Ella was very proud to show Dad the cake (& he was happy to eat it)! We met Jessica & Kevin at the pool this afternoon. Operation GET CHARLIE TO STOP SCREAMING got off to a decent start. Both Charlie & Greta complained at first, but they finally relented & had some fun. Ella had a ball diving for her toypedos. We capped off the weekend by putting Nick to work on the grill. I'm ready for a day off now!

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