Sunday, June 01, 2008

Sweet Sunday

It was another busy weekend. Saturday evening we took the kids to a party at our friend's home. Everyone had a great time. There were a ton of kids running around. We tried to give Greta & Charlie as much independence as possible. But, there were a few instances when we had to intervene - like when we realized Ella didn't really clean up the chocolate cake that she dropped & we saw Greta eating it with a spoon. For the most part, the kids did great. We were really surprised when we got in the car & it was 10 pm (they usually go to sleep at 7). So, everyone's schedule was a bit off today. We were ready to put everyone down for a nap when I realized I read the birthday party invitation wrong & we were late for a party. The kids had a blast celebrating with Allison!
Today, I baked A LOT of cookies in preparation for Ella's school carnival. The kids spent a lot of time outdoors - Greta kept wanting to show me her scraped knee.

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Anonymous said...

They are so beautiful and cute.:)