Thursday, May 29, 2008

Charlie @ 21m

I haven't posted much detail about the kids lately, so I am going to try to do a post for each child. We'll start with Charlie because I like the funny face he is making in this picture.

Dear Charlie,

For 20 months, you have been our quiet child, content to sit back and let your two big sisters loudly control most of your decision making. Greta picks out your sippy cup in the morning & chose your favorite toy. You have been so quiet & like to ignore us, so I have {wrongly} assumed that you don't understand what we are saying.

You are much better about only having a pacifier in your crib & your carseat. This means, we can actually start to understand you when you try to talk. You know a lot of words & your favorite song is "Bringing Home my Baby Bumblebee." If we are driving in the car, you take the paci out for the last verse so that you can lick your hand clean. Your teachers, Maria & Cinthia (you can say their names now), say that you always request that song at school.
You still love music. If we turn on your musical toothbrush, you hold it out in front of you & dance by shrugging your shoulders side-to-side. We have no idea where you got your moves from (Nina?).

Though you still prefer grunting & pointing and relying on your safety words (milk, puppy, clifford, night-night, bum-bee, Hogan, Ella, Daddy, hat, car, banana), you surprise me with words sometimes (sunglasses). On the drive home from Las Vegas, we heard your first sentence. After weeks of listening to Greta say "I want it," you repeated her demand (in response to grapes you saw).

When you get excited or happy, you open your eyes REALLY big & smile while sucking in air. You love bouncing in your crib, climbing on Mom's bed, sitting in the car pretending to drive, swinging, using the key to open the door at school, walking up & down the stairs at school, reading books & giving Ella hugs.

Though you are enamored with Ella's pink Barbie high heeled shoes, and all of her beaded necklaces, you have shunned dolls in favor of your stuffed puppy. You love puzzles, drawing, bubbles & being outside.

You are one tough little cookie. When you bump something, you come running to me, hold out the offended body part long enough to get a kiss & then take off running again.

Your favorite foods are yogurt, cheese, strawberries, green beans & milk.

You like to stay up a little later than Greta & sleep later than her. You are a little flirt in public.

We love having you in our family!

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