Friday, July 04, 2008

Caroline & Brandon

Ella with Nicole (the twins' godmother). Nina picked out very pretty dresses for the girls.
I couldn't resist this $6 linen suit I found for Charlie. It's big, but he looked so cute!
The wedding was absolutely beautiful. Since she was getting married on the 4th of July, Caroline selected gorgeous blue dresses for the bridesmaids & lovely red dresses for the junior bridesmaids. The effect was stunning pictures. I'll post more tomorrow. Charlie was a good wedding participant & took a nap with Uncle Kevin in the church. Jessica, Johannes (my cousin) & I were sitting up front as we did readings in the ceremony. I kept thinking how amazingly quiet Greta was being. I found out that Nick took her outside early in the ceremony. She is not a girl who can sit quietly for any period of time. The church was very pretty & the priest gave a lovely, personal homily. Caroline & Brandon got married in the same church as his parents.
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