Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Charlie's Mommy (and other stories)

Getting the twins to wear a hat on the beach wasn't easy. We've been told that Charlie refuses to take off the sailor's hat at school (he even naps with it on). But, Nick (who ALWAYS wears a baseball hat) can't get Charlie to wear a hat at home. Charlie refused to wear the camo hat or crab hat I picked out for him. Instead, he very deliberately picked up Greta's floppy pink hat & wore it all week.

Greta was happy with this lovely (but not beach friendly) crocheted hat my mom gave Ella a few years ago. It didn't have much of a rim, so her little nose kept getting pink.

On the airplane ride home, the twins didn't want to sleep & kept wanting to be passed back in forth between me & Nick. Greta would groan & moan for Nick & then she started telling me that I was Charlie's Mommy & she should be sitting with Nick. I thought it was pretty clever. Now, she's decided that's my name. Tonight it was, "Charlie's Mommy?, I need milk." or "Charlie's Mommy? I need my night-night." Love how their little minds work.

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