Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Photos from Nicole

In addition to being the perfect playmate for the kids, my cousin Nicole captured some gorgeous pictures last week. Here are a few of my favorites. I can't decide if I like the black & white or color (it was our overcast day, so the ocean is a bit hard to see):

The waves were REALLY strong this year. We only had one good water day (but we were thrilled to have 6 FABULOUS beach days). The kids could still play on the shore line, but needed us to take them in much farther. The water was FREEZING. Ella never wanted to go in (but she did get tossed in the waves once & was excited to tell her friend Noah that she body surfed). The twins were more adventurous. Nick & I both got tousled while holding a twin. Nicole captured this great shot of Nick & Charlie:

After a minute, he was ready for more. All week, Greta kept saying "More aqua mommy, more aqua."

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